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Benefits of Garlic for Health

The benefits of garlic are well known not only to add flavor to the cuisine, but also believed to be efficacious for health. The benefits of garlic itself have long been used since ancient Egypt, India and even China. Plants from the family of Allium or onions are widely used for various medical purposes.


A number of studies link the consumption of a lot of garlic to decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels, strengthen the immune system, as well as improve blood circulation and keep the risk of heart disease away.

Various Benefits of Garlic

The benefits of garlic for health have not been proven 100 percent, so more in-depth research is still needed. Nevertheless, several studies have found possible benefits such as the following.

1. Benefits of garlic for the heart

One of the mentioned benefits of garlic is good for heart health. From a study, data found that the administration of supplements containing garlic extract has the potential to provide protective effects for heart health. This effect is seen from the ability of garlic to lower cholesterol, and the effects of blood thinners that can help smooth blood circulation.

2. Benefits of garlic for gastrointestinal health

Not only good for the heart, other benefits of garlic are for gastrointestinal health. Garlic contains allicin substances that serve as antibiotics as well as antifungals, and antiparasitics or intestinal worms. Research shows that the benefits of garlic can also be used to fight H-pylori bacterial infections in the stomach.

3. Benefits of garlic in preventing cancer

One of the benefits of garlic that is being widely researched is its effect in fighting cancer. There are studies that show that garlic can suppress the activity of cancer cells. Based on these findings, garlic has the potential as a source of anticancer. Other studies have also shown that those who are used to consuming garlic are at less risk of developing colon cancer. However, research is still needed on a larger scale to apply it as a medical treatment.

4. Benefits of garlic in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol

Garlic extract is thought to lower blood pressure in hypertension patients. Some research findings reveal that garlic can dilate blood vessels as well as relax delicate muscles.

Garlic is also thought to be able to lower cholesterol slightly in the body, but that does not mean garlic can be an effective hypertensive and cholesterol drug because it still requires more extensive research.

5. Benefits of garlic in preventing colds

Garlic is believed to prevent colds because it is thought to strengthen the immune system in the fight against the virus. Research shows that those who are used to consuming garlic have less flu and colds and will recover faster when they have the flu than those who do not.

In addition, the strong aroma of garlic is also believed to be used as a remedy for sinusitis. However, how it works and the use of garlic benefits as a prevention and treatment for sinusitis or flu and colds still need to be researched.

The properties and benefits of garlic can be maximized if consumed raw because overcooking it can destroy its important content. If you intend to use garlic supplements for health purposes, it is a good idea to ask the doctor first, especially if you have a certain medical condition or are using blood thinners.